Ce-certified floatation and swimming suit for 2 to 6 year olds

Giving children the fun to go swimming. That is one of the reasons why the swimming suit has been created for. The swim aid can be worn by a child aging 2 to almost 6 years.

First this swimsuit will serve as a floatation device for adapting to the water. When your child will move more you can take out at your child’s pace a floater and gradually remove floaters on the belly depending on your child’s evolution in the water. Gradually your child will learn to swim with this swimsuit.

The swimsuit looks fun and is fun. It fits comfortably and is efficient. Bodymapping is one of the essential features this swimsuit encourages. A child can wear it from 2 till the age of 6 because when removing the floaters, more space is created in the swimsuit itself.

The swimaid is ideal for floating andf for gradually learning to swim for babies and toddlers.

The Swimhero is for sale via Facebook and our website and amounts to 59,95- EUR (sending costs excluded).

Have a nice swim!

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