On SwimHero

The penguinsuit that kids love to wear.
Swimhero was born out of a passion for swimming, children and teaching children to swim in a playful manner.

From a passion for swimming; for children and for swimming lessons, the Swimhero has arisen.


After many years of swimming lessons and also by becoming a self-mum, you find that there is still too little attention to be paid in the process of learning to swim. In water habituation we have a lot of eye for that, but from the child evolves into learning to swim, the ‘fun’ factor often falls away. In the first instance, a baby is used to the water door to stay in the womb. If your baby is younger than 6 months, it is that you are not going to the pool, but then you can let your baby get accustomed to water.

From 6 months you can go to the pool with your baby, but you can also bathe at home and in the shower. Further tips can be found on this site. You can also leave a book by Tine Sleurs, “Swimming without a pool”. From 2 years on it is really advisable to go cycling. Jumping from the side, blowing bubbles, cup underneath, are all exercises that learn to learn to swim with confidence afterwards – see further tips on the website. From that perspective, this life jacket was invented. A swimming aid that helps on the water to swim. When your child is familiar with the water, your child will be heated in the water. This ‘survival’ swimming already provides a basis for learning to swim faster.

Since the buoyancy can be reduced, this can be further evolved with swimming suit to swimming movements. To learn the ultimate in swimming with a swimming master of swimming master.Speelsheid, comfort, efficiency are several pillars on which the Swimhero supports.

The patented Swimhero offers children the following:

  • The best possible swimming position and support in the water;
  • .Specialized, early support of the natural swimming reflex of children;
  •  The suit is playful and attractive;
  • It is a floating and swim suit in 1; 
  • The swimming aid grows with the child from 2 to 6 years because the floaters can be removed;
  • The arms can move completely free, without obstacles;
  • Quick and easy to dress and undress;
  •  Child can move independently of the supervising adult;
  • The triathlon fabric easily retains the body heat of the child;
  • The floaters can serve to practice the arm movements;
  • The swimming shorts can be worn independently of the swim jacket;
  •  Ce certified suit.

The Swimhero is a CE certified floating and swimming suit in one.

For your 2 year old child, the Swimhero is a buoyancy aid to float on the water. Once your child has gained confidence, the idea is to remove the floaters one by one, depending on your child’s confidence in the water.

When the child is around 4 years old the floaters on the belly are all removed. Then the floaters of the back can gradually be removed.

You will see that your child is lying horizontally on the water and will have to move arms and legs. This way your child learns ‘survival’ swimming. Your child’s legs lie more horizontally on the water qnd the chin is in the water. The Swimhero currently exists in 1 size that can be worn by children with size 98 to 116 (depending on the size of your child), ie from 2 to 6 year olds.

The Swimhero currently exists in 1 size that can be worn by children with size 98 to 116 (depending on the length of your child), ie from 2 to 6 years.