SwimHero thé float and swimsuit in one
for children from 2 to 6 years!

From hero to SwimHero?

Floating and playing, splashing with their legs while moving in the water.

This UV+50 protected swim trainer is a floating aid but in time when removing the floaters, the pinguinsuit becomes a swim aid since the child is lying horizontally in the water, taking the correct swimming position. The suit in 1 size will grow along with the child.

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Water adaptation

The difference with existing suits is that the floaters are placed in a specific position in order to enhance the child’s horizontal position in the water. After the water adaptation phase the child will need to gradually move (survivalswimming) and consequently evolving in the water to swimming.


The bathing suit is comfortable and has a good fit.The swimming suit is easy to dress and undress and protects against the cold water and is UV +50 resistant. Children love the Pinguin suit!


The Swimhero is a CE-certified floating and swimming suit in one. The product complies with the applicable rules within the European economic area.

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Katleen Dirken

Mother of Colette

“For the very first time our daughter of 1,5 years old is not playing in the small inflatable pool, but at the side of a real outdoor swimming pool. At ease she is playing with small pots and she is having a great time. Until she just bends over too much and she suddenly falls in the deep water. Of course I am very close but I see her under the water surface. But as I panic, our daughter is already floating on the surface. The floaters in the SwimHero were efficient and made sure that our little treasure was at most a second under water (if it even lasted that long).
After a big hug our daughter continued playing with her pots. I am so happy she was wearing her SwimHero. I dare not think of what could have happened if she had not been wearing her swimsuit. And also never leave your child unattended