SwimHero the driving and swimming vest
for children from 2 to 6 years!

From hero to SwimHero?

Driving- and swimming vest in one for babies and children!
Driving and playing with their legs chomping in the water, but already in the correct swimming position, there is this driving jacket and swimming jacket on. A driving jacket with driving cubes that can be phased out so it would be a swimming jacket. For the age of 2 to 6 years.

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Water habituation

The difference with existing driving vests is that the driving cubes else on the body so that your child at completion of a driving box itself more must move in the water.


The bathing suit is good and comfortable for your child, is easy to do and protects against the cold water or the Sun’s rays. Children love the Penguin Pack!


The Swimhero is a CE-approved driving and bathing suit in one. The product complies with the applicable rules within the European economic area.

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Katleen Dirken

Mother of Colette

 For the very first time our daughter of 1.5 is not playing in the small inflatable pool, but on the edge of a real summer outdoor swimming pool. At ease fills them with her small humidifier requires water and they having a costly. Until they just bend over too far and smack in the deep water falls. Suddenly I see her underwater. But like the panic will strike comes the daughter again to the surface. The cubes in the SwimHero have made sure that our little treasure at most a second under was (if it even lasted as long as).
Actually, there was nothing to worry about, the daughter played after a big hug just continued with her watering-can. You can keep an eye on your child is not constant and often there is no more than a fraction of a second to life to run. I am so happy that my daughter was wearing her SwimHero and not just swimming in a pack was playing. I dare not think what would have been her and especially our response than…